Three Ways to Have A Mosquito Free Yard in Houston

//Three Ways to Have A Mosquito Free Yard in Houston

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Houston is one of the worst affected cities for mosquito problems. These overbearing biting insects can put you off going outside to enjoy your yard and spend quality time with your family. From July to September is usually the worst season, just when you might want to have a barbecue or invite friends round to enjoy your beautiful garden. Mosquito control in Houston is a real hot topic, so here are a few ways to get on top of the problem.

Keep Grass Short

Did you know mosquitos love to take a break? Long grass is like a well-furnished patio for mosquitos, encouraging them to rest here before they’re back on the wing. Keeping grass short discourages tired mosquitos from seeing your garden as a stop off point.

No Ponds or Water Features

Mosquitos need water to breed, so if you have a pond, you can almost guarantee you will have mosquitos. It might be worth considering removing any water features, as you can’t really enjoy them if you can’t get out in the garden due to mosquito problems. Alternatively, speak to a professional mosquito spray company to discuss water safe options and non-toxic mosquito control systems.

A Good Quality Mosquito Misting System

When looking for the best mosquito control Houston has to offer, it’s important to take several factors into consideration. Always check that any chemical solution is safe to beneficial insects, such as honey bees. Bees are important for crop pollination, so we have to protect them! Studies show that the mosquito pesticides used by Mosquitonix Houston don’t kill honey bees. They are also safe for kids and pets.

It’s also worth thinking about what type of mosquito solution works best. Zappers are a popular choice but are actually useless against mosquitos, according to a University of Florida pest control expert. They can even attract more bugs into the yard! A professionally installed misting service is the most effective and safest way to control mosquitos. A mosquito exterminator installs a reservoir, control unit, and pump. This then works on a timer to pump the mist into the desired area. This could be an hour before the family arrives, or before the kids get home from school. A professional mosquito extermination company will advise on exactly how to use and install this equipment, giving you complete peace of mind.

Reclaim your yard by talking to a professional Houston mosquito control company. Mosquitonix Houston can help you with not only mosquito control, but also with bugs like flies and ticks – great for protecting pets as well as humans. Get ready to enjoy outdoor life with your family again today.

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