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Houston provides a unique environment in which certain pests can thrive and become a serious problem. This is not good news for us! The first step in tackling this issue, is identifying which pests you should be most concerned with. Our experts have identified three common pests that should be on anyones radar living in Houston. We hope to shed some valuable information on these pests and some of the reasons they could be considered dangerous.

Common Pests, The Big 3 

While Houston is home to a handful of pests in different shapes and sizes, we found that there are three that are absolutely worth mentioning. Not only are these common pests a nuisance, they are also considered dangerous for a variety of reasons.

The Cockroachcockroach

Cockroaches are no ones favorite and tend to make us squirm when we see them race across the floor. They may be a common pest that many of us deal with across the globe, but cockroaches have taken a particular liking in Houston and what it has to offer.

Houston is a rich environment for cockroaches and has all of the essential elements needed for them to survive. Roaches love moisture, darkness and warmth. Darkness can almost be sought out anywhere for these scavengers but the unique mix of humidity and warmth that Houston provides has made the perfect home for them.

Regardless of the potential dangers cockroaches might pose, it is not likely that anyone wants them around anyway!

In simple terms, cockroaches are known for being dirty… yuck! Due to the cockroach being a dirty pest, they will actually carry bacterias that can be very harmful to humans and pets. In most cases, this happens when cockroaches come in contact with your foods. They are also known to carry certain allergens that can trigger things like asthma in humans.

A good way to monitor any possible cockroach situations are by keeping any places that moisture can collect in your home, dry and clean! The most common places to take action are in your kitchen and bathrooms.

The Mosquito

Just like the cockroach, Houston is a very ideal environment for mosquitos. Heat and moisture are the two biggest factors that play into a mosquitos existence and their ability to be a problem. Mosquitos only need temperatures above fifty degrees Fahrenheit to become active again and as temperatures exceed this threshold it will result in more mosquito activity. Moisture is essential for the mosquito to breed. They will find areas where water collects to lay their eggs. Unfortunately for us, they really do not need that much water to successfully breed.

mosquito Now that we know this, it probably makes more sense as to why mosquitos are such a problem in Houston! It really is mosquito paradise.

Besides the fact that mosquitos are a constant nuisance and leave us with itchy bites that swell up, they can also be very harmful to us. Mosquitos are considered one the most dangerous pests in the world. Their unique ability to carry and transmit disease makes them the cause for many deaths a year across the globe. Whether they are carrying Zika, West Nile or Malaria, they are not to be taken lightly.

Always be sure to take necessary action to minimize the mosquito population near your home. These are things like empty and cleaning out water collection areas or items around your home, maintaining clean gutters and picking up leaves and other debris that collect in your yard. In a place like Houston it is recommended to seek professional solutions for mosquito control.

Spiders, The Brown Recluse and Black Widow 

Nobody likes spiders! They almost make you jump in fright just talking about them. It is scary to think that spiders can be identified as common pests…

Houston has a perfect climate for the brown recluse and the black widow to successfully breed and become a potential problem. The worst part about them, is that they often will try to make their home inside your home! The reason they do this is so that they can be sheltered from the outside elements. Even worse than this, they will do the best they can to build their homes in areas that are hard to find.brown recluse spider

Both the brown recluse and the black widow are considered deadly and their venom is very potent. Nothing you would want inside your home…

The brown recluse injects venom into their victims that destroys cell membranes that eventually leads to the complete destruction of the surrounding area through a process called necrosis. If untreated, these bites can be a serious problem depending on where one may have been bitten. No matter what, the bite hurts and can cause serious irritation.

The black widow is considered to be one the most, if not the most venomous spider in North America. The venom that they carry is extremely potent and can be deadly. Just like the brown recluse, black widow’s aim to make their home inside your home.

black widow spiderIt is not often that results of a black widow bite turn deadly, but it sure can happen… do not be fooled! Something important to know, is that the black widow tends to only bite when bothered. Unfortunately, if they are making their home inside yours, you might bother them without even knowing and could soon be a victim of a very nasty bite. It is important to seek medical attention immediately after being bitten by either of these spiders.

These are just a few noteworthy common pests in Houston. There are many more but do not let these ones get the best of you!