mosquito misting system prone bitesDo you ever feel as though mosquitos have a personal vendetta against you?

Do you seem to get bitten by mosquitos more often than your friends or other family members when you are all outside in a group together?

There may actually be several reasons why you are more prone to mosquito bites than others.

3 Reasons You May Be More Prone to Mosquito Bites Than Others

1. Your Blood Type

You may be one of the lucky 20% of the population who are more attractive to mosquitos simply because of your blood type.

If you have Type O blood, the mosquitos are definitely going to want to feast on you. For some reasons that science has yet to discover, mosquitos find this the most delicious of all the blood types.

Type B blood comes in second place, with Type A being the least preferred (though the mosquitos will still happily feast on this blood type as well if others aren’t readily available)!

2. Carbon Dioxide Emissions

We all breathe out CO2, which is a natural attractant to mosquitos.

And the larger person you are, the more CO2 you exhale with each breath.

That’s why adults typically get bitten more than children.

3. Sweat and Body Chemistry

Somewhat related to CO2 emissions is a type of bacteria on the skin. People who possess higher strains of this particular type of bacteria are also more susceptible to mosquito bites.

Likewise, if you are sweaty, whether from exercise or just being outside in the heat, mosquitos will be more attracted to you. They can sense the scent of sweat as though it were sweet nectar.

Genetics may also cause you to secrete high levels of uric acid, one of the main substances inherent in sweat.

And lastly, body heat also plays a role. Pregnant women, in particular, tend to be warmer and also exhale greater amounts of CO2.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Despite all the factors that may contribute to you getting attacked by mosquitos more than others, there is a way to lessen or even prevent mosquito bites, aside from using harsh chemical repellants on your body.

One of the most popular options for preventing mosquito bites is MosquitoNix, a non-toxic pyrethrum-based spray extracted from plants.

MosquitoNix Houston is like a mosquito barrier for your whole yard, first killing any mosquitos and mosquito larvae in the area, and then repelling any that may want to come into your yardspace.

It is safe for animals, bees, and lets you enjoy the summer without constantly swatting at the pesky insects or scratching itchy bites.

Contact MosquitoNix Houston to learn more about how you can live outside in peace and comfort again.