Residents of Katy, Texas, know better than anyone that mosquitoes are an obnoxious pest. From barbecues to fishing trips, there are few activities that a swarm of mosquitoes cannot ruin. Repelling or exterminating mosquitoes is the only way to solve the problem and fully enjoy the outdoors.

Mosquito season is just around the corner

When the heat of the Texas summer arrives, mosquitoes come out in droves. The annoying buzzing sound is bad enough, and itchy mosquito bites are even worse. Sharing an outdoor area with a population of mosquitoes often turns swatting the insects into a full-time job. Of course, mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. Mosquitoes can easily carry diseases from other animals, and some even transmit the dangerous West Nile virus. Luckily, professional pest control methods can effectively clear an infested area of all mosquitoes and their offspring.

MosquitoNix has the tools to efficently exterminate mosquitoes

MosquitoNix has several methods of getting rid of these annoying pests and making sure they stay away from your Katy home. One of these methods involves using a pesticide called Bti. Bti prevents mosquito larvae from reaching the pupa stage. Spreading mosquito granules throughout an area will keep the remaining adult mosquitoes away. Smoke is also an excellent mosquito repellent. Fogging the trees, bushes, and other plants in a yard with smoke will rapidly clear the area of virtually all mosquitoes. The MosquitoNix misting system is another control method that is both convenient and effective. This misting system automatically pumps a mosquito repellent throughout an area at regular intervals. The mist is made with ingredients like chrysanthemum extract, a potent natural mosquito repellent.

Professional Mosquito Spraying in Katy, TX

Personal sprays and repellents are uncomfortable, ineffective, and must be constantly reapplied. A professional mosquito control service is the most effective way to keep an area insect-free. Contact MosquitoNix for a quote today.

MosquitoNix offers two mosquito control solutions based on your budget and needs. Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment provides flexible, budget-friendly monthly treatments and the Mosquito Misting System is the ultimate, more permanent solution. Learn more about our Katy Texas mosquito extermination options today!

Refer Your Friends

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We have been overwhelming pleased with the MosquitoNix Houston service. We have been able to enjoy our patio and the grandchildren can play outside without being eaten up. We have seen no effect on our birds. We have recommended this service to several of our friends.

Bill & Margaret Ginder

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