Understanding the Life Cycle of a Mosquito

life cycle of a mosquitoMosquito season is here, and the more you know about mosquitos the better prepared you are to keep them away from your home, yard and family. Knowing the life cycle of a mosquito will help you know when to fight, how to fight, and what you need to do to avoid a future mosquito problem.

Egg Stage

Do you have water sitting in your backyard? Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquito eggs. Avoid eggs ever being laid in your yard by ensuring that all water is removed.
If you can eliminate standing water from your property, you can reduce the mosquito population significantly. Make sure you treat pool water, change the water in bird baths often, and drain standing water from your yard.

Larva Stage

When mosquito eggs hatch, they enter a larval stage that lets them become larger. During this stage, some mosquitoes must come to the surface to breathe oxygen. Others can access oxygen by attaching to plants in the water.
You can still kill mosquitoes in the larval stage by removing water and cleaning all dead plants out of your yard, but also a misting might be necessary to make sure that all the larval mosquitos have been eliminated.

Mosquitoes in the Pupa Stage

The pupa stage is the hardest stage to eliminate mosquitos. Because they are going through their biggest physical change, they aren’t actually eating during this time, so insecticides aren’t nearly as affective as they are both before and after this stage.
There are option in order eliminate mosquitos during this stage, it’s best to prepare for their transition into adult mosquitos with the installation of a misting system or the scheduling of a misting.

Eliminating Adult Mosquitoes From Your Yard

If you were unable to eliminate the mosquitos in the first few stages of life, it’s best to work with a professional to fully eliminate adult mosquitos. These are the biters that cause those painful bumps all over your body and also carry diseases. The best course of action when you have adult mosquitos in your yard is to make sure to protect yourself immediately (bug repellent, screens on windows, etc.) and to schedule a Mosquitonix professional to come to your house to spray your yard and advise on follow-up strategies to make sure they don’t come back.