MosquitoNix® Equipment Maintenance Program

When you have the MosquitoNix system installed, your agreement largely covers the simple, trouble-free maintenance that is essential for your system to keep operating at its optimum level. Our qualified MosquitoNix representative will refill the drum based on your misting system design.

The recommendation for most misting systems is three to four mists daily. The frequency and duration of mists can be adjusted, and we suggest the mists be set for 45 seconds each just 3 times per day, late at night and early morning. You can can rest assured knowing your MosquitoNix representative checks settings and pressure on each visit.

This service program also covers winterization and de-winterization of your system each year. This added convenience ensures your MosquitoNix system will run smoothly for you during the next mosquito season.

Drum refills are set on an automatic schedule. A trained and professional MosquitoNix Houston representative will refill the reservoir drum and perform a diagnostic evaluation of your system to keep your MosquitoNix system working at peak performance. The size of your MosquitoNix system, including the number of nozzles, and the level of usage will determine the number of drum refills required. If your reservoir runs low before your next scheduled refill, you can call the office and request that a representative come out to refill the drum early (fees may apply). This program allows you to pay for repairs and other services when needed, separately. We want you to know, 90% or greater of our customers are on the Full Service Program, but we want our customers to have options.

Our full-service program includes seasonal preparation of the MosquitoNix system. In the fall, your authorized MosquitoNix representative will drain the lines, flush them with air combined with a protective substance, and inspect and perform any necessary maintenance on the motor, pump and suction line.

In the spring, your MosquitoNix representative will inspect your MosquitoNix mosquito misting system and replace any tubing or suction lines that were damaged during the cooler months, check the motor, and fill the drum as needed. Once your representative has inspected your mosquito prevention system, it is then activated so your yard can be fully protected throughout the season.

Your MosquitoNix representative is happy to answer any questions you may have and help you keep your residential or commercial MosquitoNix system working properly. We have been serving the Houston, Texas, area since 2003. Call for a free consultation today.

MosquitoNix Houston has a variety of secondary benefits. First, the system doesn’t only fight mosquitoes. It handles no-see-ums, whiteflies, gnats and biting flies. Second, if fleas and ticks are a problem, the system can help protect your pets from these nasty critters that lurk in the grass. Third, MosquitoNix is designed to be highly efficient and to give you complete control over your environment. For example, if you’re having a barbeque, you can set the system to mist the yard twice in the hour before your event to ensure that all mosquitoes will be gone before the party starts.

The cost of a MosquitoNix mosquito misting system depends on the size of your yard and the extent of your mosquito problem. Because each system is customized for your unique requirements, there isn’t a fixed price. However, we will be happy to provide a free yard evaluation and estimate. Call us today to set up a time that’s convenient for you. We offer in-home consultations and virtual consultations (we do all the pre-work for virtual consultations, yard measurements and arrive at the exact pricing for you to make a decision to install the system).