avoid the biteDid You Know?

Houston is the 3rd most mosquito-infested city in the United States but don’t let this bring you down. According to Public Health officials, there is a lot you can do to prevent these pests and avoid the bite! 

What Attracts Mosquitos?

Are you tired of constantly getting bit and being itchy? Here are some simple tips to help put a stop to this problem. First thing you should know is that mosquitos are naturally attracted to darker colors, therefore you are going to want to wear your light-colored long-sleeve shirts and pants. Summertime heat and long-sleeved clothing can be tough, make sure you purchase some light-weight, breathable clothing so that you can enjoy your summer in comfort and mosquito-free! In your home, you want to keep air constantly circulated, even a running fan can help. Having good airflow in your home makes it very difficult for mosquitos to fly. 

The months of September and August are said to be high breeding times for mosquitoes in the Houston area. The mixture of tropical storm-like weather and high humidity invites these blood-sucking pests in at high volume. Mosquitos have evolved and adapted to survive in various climates. Public Health officials in Houston are trying to beat mosquitoes in this race by introducing predatory species and carnivorous plants into these environments. 

avoid the bite

Avoid The Bite At The Source

Mosquitos often need dark and damp places to hide and lay their eggs. It is important to eliminate areas of stagnant water and all piles of leaves in your yard, these are good breeding and feeding ground for mosquitos. Along with this, you’re going to want to clean your gutters often during mosquito season so that there is no debris in gutters for mosquitos to lay their eggs in.

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