Setting Goalsgoal setting

This past year has made us all realize the importance of home. Spending as much time as we have at home during quarantine you probably have come to some home improvement realizations. Let’s make 2021 the year of home improvement because your home matters!

Along with any New Years’ resolutions you may be planning, consider adding home improvement to your list. We have come up with a list for you to start this process.

Dream Big

Starting dreaming and envisioning what your ultimate home improvement goal may be. Whether you are wanting to make additions to your home or improve on what you already have, dream big! Big dreams are compelling and can inspire you to take action. Have a vision of what your dream or goal will look like once it is finished. It is key to have a vision to fulfill or exceed your expectations. A vision of the finished project can help you chase obtainable goals.

Break it Down

Now that you have envisioned the big picture, break it down into smaller steps. Another way of looking at this is by breaking this process up into smaller goals. Having smaller goals along the way gives you many things to accomplish along the way that you will feel good about and will help you reach your big picture goal.

Stick with it

Now that you have broken the process down into smaller obtainable goals, it is time to stick with it. Accountability is essential! Hold yourself accountable to your goals. It is ok to slip here and there as long as you don’t just give up. If you are someone that struggles with holding a commitment like this, try writing your goal on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere you will see it every day. In some cases, make your goals public so that you have that outside pressure to not let things fall through.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a pat on the back along the way. You will already get a sense of gratification for the hard work you put in but do not be afraid to reward yourself! Giving yourself small rewards can really help encourage you to keep pushing. Let these smaller rewards set the runway towards a bigger reward at the finish line.


Now the work is done and you are feeling great! Look back on what helped you get there and what things you can do better. Reflecting on your process will give you much insight into how to do it again. If this is your first time really sticking to a resolution and process, let it inspire you for any future goals and efforts. These tips for starting a resolution can be applicable to anything you do in life, run with it!

Ideas for Home Improvement

Having trouble thinking of what to do? Do not worry, here are a few things to spark some project ideas for your home.

Plant a Gardengardening

Whether it be for aesthetics or for food, look into starting a garden. Garden work can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Watching a healthy garden grow can you give satisfaction for an extended period of time.

Seal it Up

Conduct a thorough inspection inside and outside of your home. Make note of any cracks in the structure of your home and get to work sealing them. Nobody wants their home exposed to the outside elements and pests looking for a home.

Get Organized

Does your garage look like a tornado just ripped through it? Fix it! Get rid of excess and start creating more space to neatly store items that may be lying around. It sure is a great feeling to come home to a tidy garage with everything stored properly.

Deep Clean

Want to make sure you are living in a healthy home? Do a week deep clean of your house. Try removing furniture and other items lying around your home so that you can get to the places that are not cleaned as often.


Tired of the same colors in your home or see room for improvement? Switch it up and get to painting the interior of your home. painting

Build Outdoor Features

Thinking about adding a bar area to your backyard patio? Look into building outdoor features to your home. Building anything can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.


These are just a few things to spark your inspiration for home improvement. In reality, there are thousands of things you can do to improve your home. No matter how big or small your project may be, act on it. Trust us, you will feel good about any efforts you make towards home improvement… after all you are living in it!