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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos Living in Your Indoor Plants

Have you noticed Mosquitos living in your indoor plants? Mosquito’s love to spend time in standing water, and often time find themselves inside your house, laying eggs in your plants. Keep your family safe from these annoying, disease causing critters by following these steps.

1) Spray your indoor plants with insecticidal soap. Insecticides are safe for most house plants, and misting your plant a few times a day will kill of any mosquitos already living on or in your plant.

2) Head to your local garden store and purchase a spray made specifically for indoor insects. Spray your plant with this as well which will coat and stay on the plant, keeping new mosquitos from making it their home.

3) Keep your plant from filling with mosquitos again by keeping windows and doors closed (unless they are screened) and don’t overwater your plants to avoid any unwanted standing water. Also, making sure that the water pan beneath your plant stays dry as well will add extra protection from creating a breeding ground.

4) Secure your backyard with a Mosquitonix Mosquito Misting System to keep pesky mosquitos away from your yard and house! These easy to use, eco-friendly, systems will continually mist your yard throughout the summer, keeping your family safe.

Having mosquito’s outside is annoying enough, don’t let them make your indoor plants their new home.