MosquitoNix ControlMosquitonix control service

Mosquitos are annoying pests that can take over your yard, especially during the spring and summer. Not only can mosquitos get on your nerves and cause itchy bites, but they can also be dangerous thanks to their ability to spread disease. Mosquitos are naturally drawn to human breath. They also thrive in humid weather and around bodies of standing water.

So, if you want to master mosquito control in your yard, consider using a professional treatment company like MosquitoNix Houston. MosquitoNix control over mosquitos is one of the smartest and safest choices for residential mosquito control. Here’s why.

Safe for Other Insects

MosquitoNix Houston only targets pesky, harmful bugs, like mosquitos, spiders, whiteflies, ticks, no-see-ums, flies, and fleas. However, it does not harm beneficial insects like bees. Choose to use MosquitoNix to get rid of the pests and to protect the creatures that need protection.

Safe for Families

If you have a yard, you may also have kids and dogs running around in it. MosquitoNix is a mosquito service that is safe to use with kids, dogs, cats, and more. The mosquito treatment we use is non-toxic for people and animals, so it won’t harm your family as you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Quick and Reliable

MosquitoNix control for pests is the fastest and most reliable treatment one can ask for. The mosquito control system kills the pests in an hour. That way, you can treat your yard and get back outside to enjoy the weather quickly. MosquitoNix treatments last for 24 hours, so you can enjoy a day-long barrier between you and the pests that bother you.

Better for the Environmentenvironmentally friendly

A lot of backyard mosquito control options are made of harsh chemicals and can hurt the environment. This is not the case for MosquitoNix. MosquitoNix Houston is EPA approved, so it’s been shown to take a minimal toll on the Earth around it. It’s also biodegradable, extremely photosensitive, and it breaks down in the presence of sunlight and air. This means that it will disappear over time and also that it won’t linger around your property to cause excessive harm to either the areas treated or the people in them.

Trained Professionals to Help

The MosquitoNix Houston team is made up of licensed and trained professionals who know how to work in pest control. These mosquito control experts can help you set up your system or troubleshoot it, so you can have reliable support when you need it.

MosquitoNix: The Smartest Mosquito Solution For Your Home

If you’re ready to spend more time in your yard that is mosquito and pest-free, contact MosquitoNix. Our Mosquito misting system works fast. It will rid your yard of the insects that harm and protect ones that help. We can also teach you more about how you can combat mosquitos in your yard to keep them at bay naturally. Let MosquitoNix control the problem!