Avoid Ticks with Animals Mosquito Yard Treatment

Protect your yard from ticks with…animals?

Ticks are a nightmare for anyone that enjoys the great outdoors! You can cover your legs with pants or spray your arms with tick spray, but when it comes down to it, you can’t completely avoid these nasty critters at all times. There is another way to help cut-down on the ticks in your yard, fill it with other animals! Check out these cool creatures that like to munch on those Lyme disease carrying ticks.

Cry Fowl

These smart birds love picking through the grass to find their favorite snack, the deer tick! Cry fowl eat bugs that they can easily see, and deer ticks stand out in the grass or on a leaf, thus enticing their hungry eyes. These hungry birds aren’t allowed in most residential backyards, but if you have property that could use an extra set of eyes to hunt down ticks, look no further than the cry fowl family.


Most people don’t want opossums roaming their yard, but did you know that these ugly creatures love to eat ticks. Opossums crawl on the ground looking for any scrap of food or insect that they can get their hands on. Though they may not initially see the ticks, opossums are very clean creatures and spend time grooming their gray fur. They often stumble ticks that have attached themselves to the opossum, and the opossum doesn’t waste the opportunity for a midday snack!

We know it may not make sense to add animals to help protect your yard from ticks, but we offer other tick and mosquito control solutions. Check out our website today to learn more on how to protect your family from unwanted critters!  Nothing is more effective than hiring a professional exterminator who will treat your home for you. Contact MosquitoNix Houston to get the pest control assistance that you need.